Wooden World Map Vintage

The World Map Vintage fully lives up to its name. This classic woodmap exudes all nostalgia. As if the wooden world map was picked right from the 70’s. The ocher background was a beautiful color that was hip in the 70’s. And still very popular nowadays! In the background the world is printed in a dark brown color. Which is also a typical 70’s color. The edges are slightly darkened, so the center of the map gets al the attention.

100 Free prickers and hammer

flags Pins
This print can be made even more colourful using flags, but, of course, pins can also be used to realise a different colour balance on your world map on wood. Whatever your choice regarding the 100 free prickers is, it will only make the Wooden World Map more interesting! Of course, you also receive a free hammer with your World Map Vintage, which you can use to place the prickers wherever you’d like on the map. (Are you a real lifestyle traveller? Of course, you can add extra prickers to your order.)

Free hanging system

The World Map Vintage is printed on spruce wood with a whitewash ground layer and is suitable for indoor use. Using the supplied hanging system, you can easily hang the map on a screw in the wall.