Wooden map of Europe

Due, in part, to the pronounced colours on this map of Europe, there are few people to whom this wooden map will go unnoticed. With this map in your house, you will be consistently reminded of that fun weekend in Paris, that amazing winter sports holiday (and apres-ski!) with your family or that summer holiday on a Spanish island. This print on wood doesn’t just display the names of countries; it also names large cities.

100 Free prickers and hammer

flags Pins
It speaks for itself that Europe on wood is even more beautiful in combination with the flags. The pins also create a heavenly picture! You are provided with 100 free prickers, which, using the hammer we supply, you can place at locations that you have visited or would still like to visit. (Are you a real lifestyle traveller? Of course, you can add extra prickers to your order.)

Free hanging system

The Europe Map Modern is printed on spruce wood with a whitewash ground layer and is suitable for indoor use. Using the supplied hanging system, you can easily hang the wooden map on a screw in the wall.

Each wooden map is unique

Each wooden map is created and printed individually, making each one unique! As a result, your delivered product may differ slightly from the photos displayed. The flags are delivered in mixed colours; we have no influence on their colour and composition.